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Friday night, Saturday Morning.

TODAYS EVENT! I came home from work.

Not that this is unusual, I often come home from work, it's one of my nicer habbits.

It wasn't a bad night at work. It was busy. I fell behind everyone for sheer number of tables, because I had a party of ten that all wanted separate checks. It was kindof a pain in the butt, but it could have been a lot worse. I made pretty good money too, which is always the best part.

I'm still not totally over whatever it was I had. I mean, I'm not sick-sick, but I'm tired and rather listless.

When I walked in the door, a grey whirlwind came charging up, ran up my pantleg, and clung to the front of my shirt. The grey whirlwind turned out to be ChrissyKitty. I have no clue what she wanted or why she did this. I tried to pet her, thinking maybe she wanted some affection, but she gave me a nasty, "Merwop!" and ran off, looking very indignant. I checked her food and water, they were fine. I did change the water, just in case it wasn't cold or fresh enough for her. She didn't even care.

I think she's nuts, if you want to know the truth...


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