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I'm on vacation!

Yes, I'm on vacation right now. Isn't that great? We've got the laptop hooked up and all that fun stuff.

This year we brought down the DVD player and caught up on some of the DBZ we've missed. Good stuff. Vegeta gets queasy with "squirmy things" I love it.

Now, every year, we try to put aside a little money and buy something for ourselves that we normally wouldn't. A combination vacation/aniversary present. (11 years and still counting) This year we bought ourselves something very special. A 400 dollar brake job for the car.

Yup, we got down here and the brakes decided to go. Heh, just our luck, right? Well, we were able to get them fixed in a couple hours, sadly we had to buy new rotors too, cause I guess they don't make rotors like they used to and the old ones couldn't be ground down. According to the dealer we took the car to, we can expect to replace the rotors every time we have to get new brake pads.

But the best part was when we came home. We stopped at Stop and Shop and picked up some food (This place we're staying at this year has a full kitchen) As I was making dinner, Todd was standing in the kitchen, keeping me company and smiled and said, "You know, even spending a few hours in a garage, waiting to spend our entire vacation fund on a brake job, is still a wonderful time, as long as I'm with you."

No one ever better question why I'm married to that man. No one. Because that has to be the most romatic thing anyone has ever said to me in my entire life.

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