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Yup, again!

*Rounds up everyone* C'mon folks, let's go. Get the candles, get the cake, get everything else ready. C'mon, move it, move it, MOVE IT!

*Leads everyone trompling around like a heard of Elephants on crack over to Indigo's journal*



Not that many years ago
And on this very day
You first came into this world
And now we're here to say

We want you to have a Happy Birthday
The best day you've ever had
We're here to help you celibrate
Let's hope you won't get mad.

Cause we're going to cheer for you
Throughout this whole long day
And no matter how you beg and plead
We just won't go away!

We hope your day is wonderful
And every moment is great.
And thanks to my procrastinating
Your present will be late.

So have a Happy birthday
May all your dreams come true
A very special birthday
From all of us to YOU!

Happy Birthday Indigo! Many more too! Love Ya!

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