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Is it any wonder we're obese as a nation?

Think about the jingles we grew up with...
let's all go to the movies
Let's all go the movies
Let's all go to the movies
And have ourselves a snack!
Anyone remember that? Dancing hotdogs and popcorn. Yeah, we were programed to think that the moment we sat our little butts down for ten seconds we should be shoving food in our mouths.

There's a drive in theator near here that still plays that little jingle too. Sometimes I like to go there, just to watch it.

Anyone remember Timmy the Trashcan? You used to see him before movies, especially if you went to General Cinema movies.

"Hi, I'm Timmy the trash can!" And this animated trash can would run around an animated movie theator, picking up animated trash and woofing it down. "And I looooove trash!"

Of course, to me the most endering thing about General Cinemas was the catchy theme music. This whole Jazzy thing that went something like:
Da da da da da da da!
(Snare drums) Tst da da tst da da!
Da de da de da da da da da!
Tst da da tst da da!
And, while you were listening to this catchy beat, you'd see what looked like a cartoon movie reel feeding out bits of movie. Then, the whole thing would stop, the top movie reel would grow a little lip, so it looked like G and the bottom one would lose a bit so it looked like a C. And the little strip of movie would suddenly spell out General Cinemas. Whoo!

But that wasn't the best part. The best part was that this whole thing had this deep red kinda funky background that I'm sure was supposed to look hip, but rather reminded me of celophane having a period.

Although, now a days, I go to movies to watch 20 minutes of commercials before the movie. I get to see Coke adds, volkswagon ads, and usually an ad for Jordan's Furniture, cause my day is not complete unless I see what crazy shit Eliot and Barry are up to today! Those whacky guys! The last time they were using a mattress to play basket ball. Whoo, the humor never stops.

(If you don't live in Mass or at least New England, those Jordan's furniture comments probably went right over your head. It's okay.)

I'm not sure what is more traumatic for me. Paying 9 dollars to watch ads I could watch on TV, except that they're two minutes each rather than 30 seconds, or dancing hot dogs, happy trashcans, and bloody celophane.

The jurry is still out on that.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and do terrible things to my cat.

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