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Been a long time, hasn't it?

*Rounds up everyone on her friends list and beyond* C'mon, get off your butts and get going, c'mon, c'mon....

*Grabs the cake, gets the candles and goes marching over to Sylk's journal, as quiet as a herd of elephants wearing tap shoes.

*Rush inside, lock the door, bolt the exit, put down cake*

*clap clap clap clap*


Today it is your birthday
A very special day
So we all got together
To take the time to say

Have a happy birthday
Spend the day on you
You shouldn't have to do anything
You don't want to do.

A very special birthday
It's only once a year
So take the time to celibrate
With all who you hold dear.

Happy, Happy birthday
It's a special day for you
And we hope today's the day
Your birthday dreams come true.

Happy Birthday Sylk. I hope this next year is a special one for you. And thanks again for that beautiful cross stitch you did for me. I love it. And as soon as the room is redone and I can hang it up, I WILL take a picture of where it is, so you can see.

Love you, lots...

Sorry for all the folks who's b-days I've missed. I'm hopeless without those LJ reminder... this really sucks, I know.

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