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I *can* pay my internet/cable bill over the internet and I can give them more money than they want. So, I can keep up my credit with them.

And this shows exactly how dull my life is, that I'm worked up about this. But I can't pay the electric bill online, cause they will only take the exact amount I owe. Right now I *owe* them -5 dollars.

Yes, a lot of folks think I'm crazy overpaying my bills, but my theory is that if I have a bad month, I'm usually ahead enough that if I have to skip a month, I'm fine.

I also was able to find the names of two songs and their artists that I've been trying to find for about three years. One is kinda obscure, the other was by Lindsey Buckingham, so I'm totally disgraced than I and my friends didn't know who it was. I mean, Fleetwood Mac? Gesh, that group was a manditory group for my age bracket. So, it's a visit to Strawberry's soon. Yes, I've downloaded the stuff as MP3, but I like making my own MP3's more cause I up the quality level of them. I'm such a picky little jerk.

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