Darqstar (darqstar) wrote,

Hey Zanne, don'tcha hate that they aren't sending out those Bday reminders? I know I do!

Gathers up friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, the dog down the street, a few more friends, everyone in Texas and RI...

"C'mon everyone, get the cake, c'mon, get the cake. Get the candles. Get the wide eyed anime people...."

*Rounds everyone up*

"No, you may NOT go in back for a smoke, no you may NOT go make a telephone call. And the next person who tells me my cheers are lame gets a boot in the behind..."

*Smiles as everyone grows silent*

"Okay, c'mon, light the candles, c'mon, let's GO!"

*ClapClapClapClap* *Head over to Zanne's journal, lock all doors and block all exits so she can't escape*

Shoutout: "It's somebody's BIRTHDAY!"
Today it is your birthday
A very special day
So we all came from near and far
To embarass you this way

Today should be a special time
A day that's all for you
Where you shouldn't have to do anything
That you don't want to do.

We hope you have a real good time
We hope your day's the best
We hope you'll let us have some cake
And not say we're being pests.

So happy, happy birthday
May all your dreams come true
A very happy birthday
From all of us to YOU!

Yes, I'm really really upset LJ stopped notifying me of birthdays... And that's why I haven't done these in awhile and I"m so sorry for anyone's b-day I missed.

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