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djpatientzero's turn.

*Gathers everyone up.* C'mon, it's nice and early in the morning. Yes, I know you're not awake. Some of you haven't even been to sleep. C'mon. let's do this. Get the cake, get the candles, it's time to go." *Runs around gathering friends, friends of friends, everyone else she can think of. Gets cake, gets candles on said cake, pulls cats away from cake.* "No, Goten, this cake is not for you. Nor is it for you PsychoChrissy. C'mon, c'mon" *Grabs the Eyecandy Harem* You guys aren't doing anything, c'mon and help."

Marches over to Gaboo's journal with all the grace and control of a heard of elephants smoking crack. "Quick, someone block the exits so she can't get away!"

*Gather's around the bed and begins clapping*



Today's a very special day
A special day indeed.
So we just came to wake you up,
We hope that we suceed

We want you to have lots of fun
We hope this day's the best
So wake up, c'mon the sun is rising
You don't need anymore rest.

Today is the day that you were born
We hope that it is great
We want you to have lots of fun
And to really celebrate!

Because today's your birthday
We've all gathered 'round to say
We hope your day is just the best
No, we won't go away!

*Drags her out of bed to blow out the candles and celebrate with everyone. "Hey, those are really cute PJ's you're wearing."

In all seriousness?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your Bday wishes come true!


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