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Silver Springs

You know, the more I hear this song, the more I like it. (Silver Springs -- Fleetwood Mac) Of course, I've always been a Fleetwood Mac fan.

These are some of the words, not all

You could be my silver springs
Blue green colors flashing
I would be your only dream
You shinning on ocean crashing...

And did you say she was pretty?
And did you say that she loves you?
Baby I don't wanna know.
And can you tell me was it worth it?
Really, I don't wanna know.

Time cast a spell on you
That you won't forget me.
I know I could've loved you
But you would not let me.
I'll follow you down till the sound
Of my voice that haunts you
(Give me just a chance)
You'll never get away from the sound
Of the woman that loved you.
(Was I just a fool?)

I've liked the song for a long time, and I've even known the words for a long time, but knowing them isn't quite the same as understanding them.

I think I like the song because it's sweet, yet almost spooky. And to me, it's totally feminine, in a lot of good senses. This woman obviously has some strong feelings for this guy, and she's sad by his finding someone else, but she's not just sitting back in the corner crying pittifully and saying, "Oh, woe is me." She's got her own thread of vengence in it. "You'll never get away from the sound of the woman who loved you..." She's not going to chase after him with a gun, she just knows that all she has to do is wait... time will play out her hand.

::Shrugs::: Maybe I'm just reading too much into it.


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