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curlyjo1's Turn.

*Gathers everyone together* "C'mon, c'mon, we have to do this. C'mon, gather 'round. Got the cake? Good. Get the candles on it. Yup, c'mon. No, we're not going to use the glasses with the smiley faces, she sees enough smiley faces at work, I'm sure. C'mon, light the candles. Let's go..."

*Gathers everyone around and walks over to curlyjo1's journal.*



We heard today's your birthday
Someone told us this was so
So we gathered up everyone
To put on this embarassing show!

So have a Happy Birthday
Have a lot of cake.
Hope you don't have to work today
Cause you deserve to have a break!

So have a Happy Birthday
Do what pleases you
Have a very special birthday
From all of us to YOU!


In all seriousness though? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!. May all your Birthday wishes come true.

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