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Two in two days. Time to torture bratbitch

*Gathers up everyone.* "C'mon, c'mon, let's go people. Let's get it together, okay. Yes, I know, all of you are busy, but you can take the time for this. C'mon, c'mon, let's do this and do it right. It doesn't take long, except for some of you, when you decide to stay all day and help them eat the cake." *Brow raises*

*Gets everyone gathered and gets the cake. "Oooh, this cake is huge. Must be lots of people going to pary over there. Okay, get the candles... YOU! Yes you guys, the exotic male dancers we gathered for this. Make yourselves useful. Grab the wine and the soda and stuff.

*And, like a gathering of graceful elephants, they all attempted to quietly sneak over to bratbitch's journal. Realize this quiet sneak is never going to happen, so just go charging in as fast as possible and surround her, so she can't escape*



I'm sure you heard us coming
I'm sure you tried to hide
But you're too late, we're gathered here
And sticking by your side.

We heard it was your Birthday
We're all here to celebrate
And help you party all day long
Until you're feeling great.

It's a day for celebrations
That special time for you
We wish you all the very best
May your birthday dreams come true!

*Lets lose with the confetti and streamers, puts on the "real" music so that the dancers can do their thing*

"Gee, none of the women want to leave this party. Some of the guys want to stay too. Interesting..." *Looks and decides to stay for awhile too*

In all seriousness



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