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It's that time again, and the victim is droa

Runs around grabbing everyone from her friends list, then from everyone else's friends list... says oh what the hell and just gathers up everyone from LiveJournal.

"C'mon, it's time again. Yes, I know, it seems like folks are always having birthdays around here, doesn't it? Oh this won't kill you... c'mon, it's all in the spirit of fun. C'mon, gather 'round, gather 'round. Get the cake, get the candles, get everything. Let's go!"

Quietly (Hah hah hah) marches everone over to droa's journal. As they get close enough so she can't escape, like a pack of wild animals, they close in... er, uh, like an angry mob... no, that won't work... like a swarm of enthuisiastic party animals.. yeah, that's better, they begin:


Sound off!


Not so many years ago
And on this very day
You first appeared upon this earth
So we'd just like to say

We heard it was your Birthday
A special time for you
All day long you should get to play
And to party the whole night too.

So have a wonderful time
Make lots of birthday wishes
Have a lot of cake and fun
Don't worry 'bout the dishes

Now that we've embarassed you
And perhaps made you feel small
We'll say again as loud as we can

In all seriousness? Have a wonderful birthday!

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