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For sabrebabe We will find you, oh yes we will...

Rounds up everyone on her friends list. "C'mon folks, gather 'round... c'mon, c'mon." Grabs Gokou "You, go get Goten, Gohan, Vegeta Krillen and all of those. Get Raditz too. I don't care if he's dead, get him anyway. I'm sure she won't care if he has a halo on his head. C'mon, they'll let him out for this. If they don't, you've got exactly 30 seconds to gather up the dragon balls and bring him back, okay?

C'mon everyone, gather round, we've got a special occation to celebrate. Oh good, you're back, Gokou. Did you bring everyone? Why? Cause she likes DBZ. Don't ask me to explain what DBZ is, you won't understand. She likes you guys, let's leave it at that. Hey, Raditz, death agrees with you I guess. Don't kill me.

Get the cake, c'mon... triple chocolate fudge? mmmmm... nice. NO, Gokou, the cake is not for you. Don't eat it. Grab the rest of the stuff. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon folks, let's go!"

*Gather up everything. Light the candles. Start heading out*


*Head to sabrebabe's journal.


We heard today's you're birthday
We came to celebrate
We hope that you have lots of fun
And that your day goes great.

We brought along a birthday cake
And lots of birthday cheer
We gathered up everyone we could
Both those from far and near!

(everyone points to Raditz at the word "far")

It's your day to party
It's your day to have fun!
We're here to help you celebrate
And clean up when you're done!

Vegeta: I do not clean up after parties, I am the Pr-
Everyone else: Shut up and keep singing!

We're glad today's your birthday
We want our chance to say
We hope your day is especially good
In every little way

We've sung our little song now
We've had our bit of fun
We're glad you didn't run away
At least until we were done!

*Clap, whistle, cheer*


*more clapping whistling and cheering*

Have a happy birthday, okay? We'll get out of your way now so you can celebrate... c'mon everyone. Hey, Raditz, you coming with us? Hey, we're done here... huh, whad'ya know? Raditz wants to stay awhile...

All foolishness and fun aside. Have a wonderful day. Spoil yourself, you deserve it.

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