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My head hurts...

Did the work thing tonight. It wasn't such a bad night after all. I thought it was going to suck wind, but I ended up not making bad money, considering that it wasn't terribly busy and it was the end of the month. We didn't have take outs galore which was nice too.

Came home from work with my feet aching. I don't get it, I bought new sneakers, they should feel a little better, but they don't. So I limp into the house to soak them and as I'm leaning over, my head hits the frige with a resounding thud. The bump jars a box of glasses that's resting on top of the frige. The box falls down and lands... you guessed it, on my head. It bounces off, hits the floor, spills over and all the glasses break. Not too much of a tragity, as I hated the glasses. But another mess to clean up.

Now, for those of you who are asking, "Why did you keep a box of glasses on top of the refigerator?" I did it because it was the only place in the apartment I could keep them. See, we have lots of stuff and not many places to put it. I think we have lots of stuff because to a lot of my friends and family we are poor. And because of this, our friends and family think that we want every single bit of junk in the world. Honest, I really do believe they think we sit around our horribly cluttered apartment and say, "Hey honey, getting the rent paid this month might be a bitch, but cheer up, at least we have that mason jar full of screws Bobby gave us!"

Actually, it would be easy if they stopped at jars of screws, but they also seem to have a philosophy that big is better. So we have furniture that they have discarded or picked up at garage sales. And a lot of it is not very useful.

Trust me, I do try to stop this. I've thrown away a lot of stuff when no one was looking and if later asked about it, I've flatly lied and said, "I know this girl/guy/horse that has no money. He/she/it was living in the shelter, but was finally able to get a place. Since he/she/it had no furniture, I thought the least I could do is give them that 50lb umbrella stand." I've tried to tell these people that I have this flat our rule, "Nothing comes into our house unless something of equil or greater mass leaves." It doesn't work very well. So, I struggle along and try to find space where none exists.

I really think the biggest difference between being rich and poor is how much closet space you get for the money.


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