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More "reflections" on writing ("reflections" being a code word for whining)

I wrote today. Yay me! Since I didn't write very much on my days off, like I promised myself I would, I'm actually kinda happy I did write today.

I'm working on a scene and I'm flying along, having a good time with it, and came to a standstill. The crashing wall, etc. etc. Ever have that happen? "Oh wonderful, I just wrote myself into a corner."

Fortunately, I needed to go to work, so I saved and dashed off figuring, "I'll work it out at work."

So, since it was sooooo busy that at one point, I actually had two tables in at the same time, I had lots of time to think.

And I realized I have to rewrite most of the scene and change things around.

So, I come home and I pull up the scene and read it again, to see what has to be done. And I really like what I've written. I like it alot. In fact, if I hadn't written it into a corner, it might be my favorite scene so far.

Does this every happen to other ff writers? Do you ever write yourself into a corner, but damn it, it's such a wonderful scene you really hate that it now has to be scrapped?

I've heard this happens in making movies a lot. A peice of film will be wonderful, touching, perfect, but in order to make the movie move along correctly, they have to put it on the cutting room floor. But I'm not sure if this happens to a lot of writers.

Anyone know if it's a bad sign that your cat is making a noise that sounds like "Mrrrnarf?" Cause Goten has been doing that since I walked in the door. He's also racing around, hell bent for election day.

God, I love that cat. Someone, hand me the ketchup.

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