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This is not good

This is probably the last thing I should bring up in a public forum like this, but hey, I already spoke about buying pads, I figure any respect anyone every had for me in this journal is loooooonnnnnggggg gone.

I got home from work and fired up the computer. Kicked off my work uniform and threw on a lightweight, oversized T-Shirt. (Gosh, it was actually hot here today!)

Sat down and started checking my journal, making my comments, when I noticed this really horrid smell. I got up and turned on the light and looked around my room to see if I could trace this odor. I couldn't. I grabbed the airfreshener and sprayed it. It didn't help very much.

I got up and went to use the bathroom. I was planning to take a shower soon anyway, but I wanted to do a couple other things first. I noticed in the bathroom, I could still smell this nasty thing.

I went back to the computer. Still smelled it.

I went into the kitchen, smelled it there.

No matter what room I went to, the smell followed. So, that made me conclude that the smell must be on me somewhere.

I finally located the source. MY OWN FEET!

Or, to be more precise, my socks. Cause when I pealed them off and threw them in the sink with some delicare, the smell immedietly diminished.

This was not an ordinary, bad foot odor smell. It smelled like a cross between burnt plastic, puke, and a chemical-like smell that I can't quite identify. In fact, these socks smelled a great deal like my eighth grade science lab room, where we often played with chemicals, burt plastic, and sometimes one of us puked.

The socks I wore were new. (Remember my kneesocks post a couple weeks ago? This is one of those pairs) I did send them to the laundromat, because I always wash my socks once before I wear them for the first time. (Something my mother, for some reason installed into me. Anyone elses mother ever tell them to do that? I'm curious.)

Scary as it was, I did check my feet. There was a little of the same smell, but it was more like it rubbed onto my feet, rather than came from my feet.

I even checked my shoes and the smell was about the same as my feet.

It kinda freaks me out. Makes me wonder what might have happened to these socks before they made their way to me.

Or, maybe at one point, while on break at work, my socks escaped from my feet and had themselves an interesting little adventure.


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