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Everyone gather round, okay?

*Rounds up everyone on her friend's list. The rounds up the friends of her friends list and so on, just for fun.* Yes, gather 'round folks. We're a bit late today, and I'm sorry about that, but that's still no excuse.

C'mon. If you're too sick to sing, you can clap your hands, right? Get the cake, here are the candles... let's go!

*Everyone marches over to ladylion's jouranal.

*Clap,clap,clap,clap* Scream IT'S SOMEBODY'S BIRTHDAY!"

We heard it was your birthday
We hope you're feeling fine
We brought over a chocolate cake
And a great big bottle of wine.

We hope you have a happy birthday
We hope you're feeling great.
We're over here to party
And we don't want to wait.

So have a happy birthday
It's a special day for you
Happy, Happy, Birthday
May all your dreams come true!


Happy Birthday Morgan. Sorry this is late and I hope your day was extra special.

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