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Remy's turn...

I don't wanna do this. No, I don't. But if the other two are, I'll make an attempt too. Mine is sung to the tune of "What Child Is This."

What cat is this, who brought her home?
Who thought she'd ever be my friend?
She squalks all day, never wants to play
I wish her bitching would finally end.
This, this is PsychoChrissy
Who's attitude is really pissy
Go, go, just go away
Things were much better without you.

What kitten is this, how did he get here?
I wish he'd go away
He runs around knocking things to the ground
He thinks its all in play
This, this is little Goten
Who fools you into thinking he's your friend
Sho, sho him out the door
The kitten who destroyed the household.

And then there is me, the perfect cat
Who never does anything wrong
Who's clean and neat, gentle and sweet
And wrote the best christmass song
Yes, Yes, I'm RemyKitty
The best and brightest the one who's pretty.
Go, go to the other two
Things will be better without you!

:::Walks away... then stops:::: "You wanna pet me? Sure!"

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