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:::Rounds up everyone on her friends list::: Stop hiding. Yes, I can see you in the corner. I can see you trying to slip off. C'mon, we have to do this. Yes, we do. Cause it's her birthday and it's our godgiven right to embarass her and us in one fell swoop, so let's go. :::Gets everyone together, sticks the candle in the cake and marches over to gypsyjr's journal:::


:::Start clapping::::

Round up the gang we have to say
(round up the gang we have to say)

We hope you have a special day
(We hope you have a special day)

Birthdays come but once a year
(Birthdays come but once a year)

Hope yours is filled with lots of cheer.
(Hope yours is filled with lots of cheer)




:::Wild clapping then the sound of people running away:::

:::Looks around::: Errr... uh... everyone ran off again. Well, have a happy birthday! 20 years ago, on this day, you came into this world and ever since, you've been brightening the lives of everyone around you. I hope your day is extra special!

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