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To Tangles and Finny

:::Rounds up everyone on the friends list again::::
"No, no excuses this time. We've got to do it. Yes, we do. Cause it's their birthday. Yes, this is a double birthday. Yes, that means two. It also means we have to yell twice as loud. No, you can't hide, I won't let you." Darqstar paused only to drag people out of the corners. Why is it, she wondered, That people never like clapping and cheering?

"Okay, here we go."

::Everybody screams and claps:::

To finny and tangletoy
::Clap, clap, clap, clap:::
Today is both your birthdays
and we'd just like to say
We hope you days are special
In every little way.

Have a lot of birthday cake
Drink a bottle of wine
Celibrate and party
Till you're both feeling fine.

So have a happy birthday
May all your dreams come true
Have a happy bithday
From all of us to you!

::Everyone claps loudly and whistles:::

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