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A new twist on an old story.

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a Princess, who was so beautiful that the mere sight of her filled men with desire. She was so incredably, breathtakingly beautiful, that her father, the king, lived in terror that she would get carried away and end up eloping with a commoner before a suitable Prince could be found for her to wed. So, he locked the beautiful Princess up in a tower, with only the royal cat to keep her company.

On her first birthday, the Princess' fairy godmother appeared and told her, "I know you are lonely in this tower. So, every year, I shall appear on your birthday and grant you one wish. Only one. And you cannot wish for me to find you a Prince, for that is beyond my power. Times are changing and there are few true Princes to be found. So, choose carefully."

So, the Princess wished for a shelf full of books, to help keep her entertained in her solitude. The fairy godmother waved her wand and an enormous shelf, containing hundreds of books appeared.

Years went by, and every birthday, it was the same thing. The fairy godmother would appear to grant her one wish. All year long, the Princess would think of what she wanted for her wish. She wished for playing cards to keep her amused, toys for the royal cat, (who she had grown to love very much) more books, embroidery sets, anything that might occupy her time. Several times, she asked her fairy godmother if it was possible to wish for a proper Prince to be found, but every time she was told that was impossible.

After several years, the Princess realized that she was in danger of spending her entire life in this tower. No prince could be found anywhere. And she was so very lonely.

That year, on her birthday, her fairy godmother appeared and asked her for her wish. "I know it is beyond your power to find me a Prince," the Princess explained. "But I am a woman and I am so lonely in this tower. Maybe this is wrong of me, but I do so desire the company of a man. Would it be possible for you to change the royal cat into a man, so that I might have company?"

The fairy godmother nodded. "That, I can do." So, she waved her magic wand over the royal cat and said the magic words:

I do what I want
I do what I can
As I tap you with this wand
You shall become a man!

And before the princess' eyes, the royal cat was transformed into the most handsome man the Princess had ever seen. In fact, he was so breathtakingly handsome, that the Princess fainted in shock.

She awoke later, in the arms of the royal cat-turned-man. He was gently stroking her hair and sprinkling water on her to wake her up. She opened her eyes and looked into his, smiling. "Oh," she said, "I so wish I had thought of this years ago, so I would have had the company of a man in my solitude."

"Oh," said the royal cat-now-turned-man, "I so wish you hadn't gotten me fixed."

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